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Author Topic: Newest "Poker Royale" set  (Read 4496 times)


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Newest "Poker Royale" set
« on: October 24, 2005, 06:10:31 PM »
The two teams this time out are one of over-60 poker stars and one with under-30's.

The over 60's are led by TJ Cloutier, and also include Dan Harrington, Miami John Cernuto, Barbara Enright, Maureen Feduniak and Wendeen Eolis.

The under 30's are Michael Gracz, Dutch Boyd, Evelyn Ng, Erin Ness, Jennifer Leigh and Kasey Thompson.

Premiere November 4, with back-to-backs. Probably GSN's strategy is now to dump these off in as little time as possible, to mix up the variety.

GSN Press Release (via PR Newswire)