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Author Topic: Interesting Sat. Night Classics for 4-16-2005  (Read 4766 times)

Michael Brandenburg

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Interesting Sat. Night Classics for 4-16-2005
« on: April 16, 2005, 10:05:36 AM »
GSN has chosen to air episodes of Win Ben Stein's Money for their Saturday Night Classic block on 4-16-2005 -- the day after Ben participated in a USA Today on-line chat as part of their new "Financial Diet" series!

(Here's a link to the series, which in turn has a link to the chat: http://financialdiet.usatoday.com .)

From the USA Today newspaper on 4-15-2005, here's a couple of things Ben had to say after giving away all that money on 860 episodes of his Win Ben Stein's Money game show:

>>Consumer debt is at a record high, the savings rate is at a 25-year low, personal bankruptcies hit a record in 2004, and Ben says, "It's a very, very, scary situation in terms of what American's do not know.  "It's childlike.  Like a child who thinks his parents are always going to bail him out.  But at some point, they aren't."  

>>And if you'd like to buy a nice house someday, here's a tip from Ben: "I love Starbucks.  I go to Starbucks.  But if people go twice a day, they're easily spending $300 a month on coffee plus biscotti.  That would pay for a down payment on a house."

Michael Brandenburg
(So now you know why I brew my own break-time coffee at home each morning and take it to work in a thermos!)