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Author Topic: Extreme Dodgeball 2 final regular season standings  (Read 4648 times)

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Extreme Dodgeball 2 final regular season standings
« on: December 24, 2004, 03:40:16 PM »
For the three or four Extreme Dodgeball fans on this board, the playoffs begin next week.  FWIW, here are the final regular season standings:

CPA+ 7-3
Armed Response* 6-4
Ink, Inc.* 5-5
Barbell Mafia 3-7

Delta Force+ 6-4
Bling* 5-5
Reef Sharks* 5-5
M.A.D. 3-7

+ = division winner; * = playoff team

Maybe Barbell Mafia should have kept Amazon Beard...

Next week the #2 and #3 seeds in each division play each other in the quarterfinals, with Certified Public Assassins and Delta Force receiving first-round byes.  Also next week, according to one Prof. Beverly, is the show's first All-Star game.  I beg to differ with the "first" part, because they did one in season 1 just before the championship match.  "Coupe deBil"?  "Pro-Zach"?  Who thinks up these corny names?  Can we do better?  Discuss.