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Author Topic: Extreme Dodgeball promo on GSN  (Read 5675 times)


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Extreme Dodgeball promo on GSN
« on: July 04, 2004, 09:32:22 PM »
Anyone see the Extreme Dodgeball promo on GSN with the white jockey talking all that jive talk? That promo ranks amongst the most annoying yet, next to that redneck hick guy that used to appear in the GSN bumpers a few years back

Other annoying GSN things (past and present)

 The corny rhymes GSN used to do during the GSN bumpers (It's a symphony of F-U-N, fun! WHOO HOO!)

 The Game Show Network Ball (the human version and the animated version)

That Adrian guy that hosted Kids Zone and ruined Joker Joker Joker with gawdawful jokes (as well as Quiz Kids Challenge, but in the case of QKC, that actually IMPROVED the show)

The oil and water "chemistry" of later infomercial presences Dave Nemeth and Nancy Sullivan