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FWIW: Little Known Barker TPIR Factoid.


As I do a weekly oldies show on our local Community Radio station, I try to pull out some obscure facts about the artists I play and relay them to the listeners.

Recently, I stumbled on a factoid about former TPIR staffer Sherrell Paris, who worked closely with Bob during much of the Barker era.   I never made the connection that she was a hit-maker in the early 60s!

I believe they showed her briefly on a couple of occasions for game-related reasons, but I don't ever recall Bob ever mentioning her recording career.

Anyhoo, if you wish to learn more about Sherrell's pre-Price career,...

Jimmy Owen:
The Paris Sisters were quite well known. Here's a Cullen TPIR fact. Norman Mailer was married to one of the models

Eric Paddon:
Bev Bentley who had been the first replacement for Roxanne (recently passed away) on "Beat The Clock." 


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