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“Cool a new game show!” but it’s not a game show

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Matt’s post on the “For Love or Money” thread gave me an idea. Have you ever seen a show in TV Guide, and got your hopes up only to find out it wasn’t anything close to a game show?

About 30 years ago, I remember seeing a listing for a CNBC show called “Money Wheel”. I was super excited because I figured it was something like “Wheel of Fortune”. Finally got to tune in and it was about finance or the stock market. Boring when you’re only 9 or 10.

Around that same time, WGN had a show called “Bullseye” and I immediately got my hopes up thinking it was the Jim Lange show. Nope. Chicago Bulls highlights.

Anyone else got any stories?

aaron sica:

Early 1994. TV Guide listing:

9:30 (VH1) Body Language-Game

Considering I hadn't seen the show in nearly a decade, I was very excited to possibly see it again. Nope. Music videos that have to do with bodies. Big disappointment.

Another one was a listing for a show called "The Name of the Game".

aaron sica:
Additionally...Not a game show, but as a really small child about 4 or 5 I remember either seeing TV Guide listings or just a promo for "Afternoon Playhouse". I was convinced I was going to be watching other kids playing in a playhouse. That sounded fun! Despite my mother trying to tell me that's not what it was. I didn't believe her and was, of course, disappointed.

In the mid-80s, I saw a listing for a show called "Photoplay" that aired late night in the market I was in. It sounded like a game show -- something to do with identifying pictures, I presumed, so I set the VCR to record an episode and watch it that weekend.

Very disappointed to find out this was an Entertainment Tonight-like series that profiled Hollywood stars. Believe it aired for less than a year.


In the early 2000s, my teenage self visited London and bought a UK TV listings magazine. The magazine stated that "Jeopardy" was on BBC1 at whatever time.

"Cool! A new UK version of Jeopardy!"

Nope. It was THIS Jeopardy (a British kids sci-fi show):

I felt very dumb. In hindsight, I should have known better - even at the time, I was far enough into Internet game show fandom that if there actually was a new UK version of the quiz show Jeopardy, I probably would have known about it.


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