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Author Topic: "Tell Us About Yourself" podcast searching for guests  (Read 309 times)


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"Tell Us About Yourself" podcast searching for guests
« on: May 06, 2024, 06:34:57 AM »
Have you been a contestant on a game show? Would you like to talk with me about your experience (and game shows in general) for inclusion in the National Archives of Game Show History? Fill out this form and I'll be in touch!


Tell Us About Yourself is a podcast produced in conjunction with Buzzerblog and the new National Archives of Game Show History, founded by legendary game show producers Bob Boden (Family Feud, The Chase, Funny You Should Ask) and Howard Blumenthal (Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, The Great American History Quiz).

In each episode, I talk with a former game show contestant about their experiences before, during, and after their appearance(s). Guests have included

former world record-holding Tic Tac Dough champ Thom McKee
legendary Supermarket Sweep announcer Randy West
American Idol breakout star William Hung
GSN host Graham Elwood
Price Is Right perfect Showcase bidder Terry Kniess
Ted Slauson, subject of the award-winning documentary "Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much"
legendary Jeopardy player Chuck Forrest
Nickelodeon voice actor Mark DeCarlo
Quizbusters host Matt Ottinger
oldest living Jeopardy contestant Mary Eubanks
Mark “The Beast” Labbett and Victoria Groce of The Chase
author and Jeopardy champ Bob Harris

Digital Media Producer, National Archives of Game Show History
"Tell Us About Yourself: Conversations with Game Show Contestants" available on all streaming services