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Author Topic: "Bingable" game shows?  (Read 5350 times)


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Re: "Bingable" game shows?
« Reply #30 on: June 16, 2023, 01:43:41 PM »
Have to disagree. It felt like nobody lost the Chuck Woolery Lingo bonus round, and that show had no problem keeping viewers and coming back year after year.

Interesting, valid comparison. Not that Iíd sit for a half-dozen episodes of Lingo, either, but it doesnít feel as repetitive to me.

I wonder why. Lingo doesnít have written material, so that in theory should hurt it. Maybe the bingo portion helps; RuPaulís and the British run feel monotonous without it, and if the odds werenít so favorable, it would give some suspense to the bonus round.

Maybe itís that Blockbusters has more games in each episode so the lather-rinse-repeat is more present. I just felt it needed something, and IIRC their audience research said that, too. Donít get me wrong, though. I like it a lot, and watching with your dad I bet was wonderful.