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ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (as of January 1, 2023)


The Game Show Forum was created for the discussion of game shows and related topics by both fans and those in the industry. All members of the Game Show Forum agree to abide by the following "Eligibility Requirements." The Executive Producers (i.e., forum moderators) reserve the right to edit or delete members' posts in accordance with these rules. (All posts in this forum are the opinion of the associated author.)

1. Member Conduct

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner. Posts that are distasteful, harassing, misleading, deliberately false, libelous, or otherwise detrimental to others' experience on the forum may subject the poster to disciplinary action, up to and including a permanent ban.

2. On-Topic Posts

Most sections of the forum are for the discussion of game shows and directly related topics. Off-topic sections are available for other subjects. Naturally occurring tangents and jokes are welcome, of course, but first and foremost, the Game Show Forum is about game shows.

3. Controversial Subjects

Think of the Game Show Forum as a dinner party. You know how it's generally frowned upon to bring up subjects like politics and religion at the dinner table? The same goes here. If a touchy subject is germane to the conversation, members are welcome to discuss it in an evenhanded, tactful manner. But gratuitous, provocative, or otherwise unnecessary references to contentious topics will not be tolerated. A thread about The Price Is Right has little reason to include a comment supporting one political party over another, no matter how innocuous.

4. No Net Games or Tape Trading

We love reliving the past as much as the next person, but please, no net games or tape trading arrangements.

5. Advertising

The Game Show Forum is ad-free. Similarly, members should not use the forum to advertise products or services. We understand some pet projects are near and dear to the forum's collective heart, so posting about those on occasion is OK -- but we donít want to become Plug City either.

6. Spoilers

Members SHOULD NOT SPOIL any episode of any game show that has not yet aired. Discussion of episodes that have recently aired should go in the Show Summaries section, which is the only section where spoilers are permitted in the bodies of posts. Please see the rules posted in that section for additional guidelines.

If a network or production company has spoiled an unaired episode, a member may link to the spoiling entity, provided they explain that the link contains spoilers and do not spoil the outcome themselves in the process. Members are strongly discouraged from starting a new thread to identify spoiled material, as the mere existence of such a thread serves as a spoiler.

An episode is generally considered exempt from spoiler protection once 2 weeks have passed from the episode's initial broadcast date.

7. Bumping Threads

Replying to long-dormant threads is strongly discouraged unless the "bump" provides relevant information that might spark new discussion or give important answers to unanswered questions.

8. Disciplinary Action

Decisions regarding whether a post violates the above rules, or whether a member is subject to disciplinary action, are at the Executive Producers' discretion.

Privacy Statement

The administrators and moderators of this forum have access to the email address under which your membership was validated. Your email address should only be disclosed if required by court order or similar law enforcement requirement.

Forum members may send each other email. Your email address will not be revealed to the sender when they compose or send an email to you; the sender's email address, however, will be revealed. The forum also supports private messaging for members.


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