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Author Topic: Anyone else remember?  (Read 5668 times)

Bob Zager

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Anyone else remember?
« on: June 19, 2003, 12:33:34 PM »
Today, while watching TPIR, the IUFB was a motor scooter, and the contestant bid $2,148.  Bob Barker commented that it was an interesting bid, and the contestant (I don't remember his name) said he knew it was exactly right because he watches everyday!  He was right, won the scooter, $500 bonus, and was a big winner playing Buy or Sell (guessing everything correctly, winning all three prizes, plus $1,700 cash!)

This moment reminded me of a similar thing happening back in about 1974.  While I was a loyal watcher, I remember a time when a contestant was playing the Range Game for a G. A. Soda Fountain.  After explaining the game, Barker asked if they had any questions, to which they asked, \"Where's 1227?\"  The contestant stopped it at the top arrow, right on the exact amount, and was exactly right!

A short while later, on the nighttime show, the same soda fountain was an IUFB, and one contestant bid $1,227!  Exactly right!

The way syndication worked at the time, I don't know for sure which occurred first, and some viewers may have seen one episode first, the other the second, or vice versa.