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Author Topic: Actual finish of the GSN candidates  (Read 6781 times)

Matt Ottinger

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Actual finish of the GSN candidates
« on: October 09, 2003, 04:08:46 PM »
From numbers provided by the Associated Press, here are the actual vote totals (and rank out of 135) for the six \"Debating Game\" candidates:

8.  Gary Coleman   12,683 votes
10.  Mary \"Mary Carey\" Cook   10,110 votes
43.  Nathan Whitecloud Walton   1,552 votes
62.  Trek Thunder Kelly   1,080 votes
108.  Bryan Quinn   436 votes
123.  Carl A. Mehr   309 votes

That's right, Coleman finished eighth out of 135.  (Larry Flynt was seventh behind six serious and/or respectable candidates.)  Look at it this way.  There are at least ten important, powerful and significant Democratic challengers for the 2004 presidential nomination.  At least two of them won't do as well in their campaigns as Gary Coleman did in his.

BTW, California Social Services might want to know that there are at least 10,945 voters with reading comprehension problems.  That's how many people voted for the unknown George B. Schwartzman, who finished ninth on what can only be described as name almost-recognition.
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