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Author Topic: GSN Debating game still on  (Read 6947 times)


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GSN Debating game still on
« on: September 20, 2003, 05:30:25 PM »
Per GSN.com

2003-09-16 - Game Show Network Ignores Court Ruling Postponing California Recall Election, Moves Defiantly Forward With Who Wants To Be Governor Of California? The Debating Game

Special Still Premieres October 1 at 9:00 PM ET/PT -
Election or No Election, Rain or Shine

Web Users Across America Still Invited to Vote on California
Recall Race at GSN.COM as scheduled...Even if Polls Never
Open and Election Itself Fails to Take Place

(HOLLYWOOD, CA)- Taking a bold step to separate itself from an increasingly fractious California recall election, the Game Show Network (GSN) has thrown down the gauntlet and vowed to stay the course by moving forward with its hotly anticipated, uncommonly absurd special WHO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? THE DEBATING GAME in spite of Monday's U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that's led to a potential postponement of the election itself - perhaps until March.

GSN's event will air on October 1 as scheduled whether there is an election or not. And Game Show Network is equally committed to having Internet users vote on the recall of Governor Gray Davis, vote for their favorite replacement and vote for the winner of WHO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? THE DEBATING GAME.

\"We guarantee that there are no hanging chads on GSN.com,\" said GSN President and CEO Rich Cronin. \"On October 7, GSN.com may be the only place Californians and other Americans can vote. It's a tremendous responsibility, but one that I believe we're prepared for.\"

However, there was immediate disappointment from several of the GSN candidate/contestants in the ruling's wake. And a few vowed their own personal protest in the hope of spurring a reversal of Monday's decision.

Adult entertainer and exotic dancer Mary Carey is concerned about the recent ruling and will be addressing the media about this personally tomorrow at the world premiere of her new movie at Club Carrie in Hollywood.

Performance artist-in-blue Trek Thunder Kelly has already added blue tears to his azure ensemble in protest of over the election postponement and the delay in legalizing drugs.

The election's oldest candidate, 70-year-old Carl A. Mehr complained, \"I might not even be alive in March. Heck, all of us may be dead. Is that what they want: an election where no one is left alive to vote? I dare say that makes little sense.\"

Bryan Quinn, the 20-year-old college student and youngest of the GSN's participants, pointed out that come March he might \"already be mentally off on spring break, which would really just suck.\"

Gary Coleman added, \"I have no reaction to the election delay. I expected something like this. I'm unmoved. I'll remain in the race to whenever they do have the election.\"

Nathan Whitecloud Walton, son basketball legend Bill Walton, maintained that the election delay \"ensures a fair election for all, which is important for democracy. Nate added, \"As long as this takes place before March Madness, I don't see any problems.\"

Kennedy, host and moderator for WHO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? THE DEBATING GAME, believes with all of her heart and soul that the postponement of the election is \"just another round in the bizarre game that is the California recall.\"

Kennedy added, \"If I were a betting woman -- which I am -- I would wager everything on the fact that we'll still see WHO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? THE DEBATING GAME on Game Show Network, regardless of what the courts decide.\"
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