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Old GSN Schedules...


Hey there,

Does anyone know anywhere where I could find old GSN schedules?  I'm looking for these:

Original Schedule
Pre-Dark Period
Dark Period
Schedule Right After Dark Period


Matt Ottinger:
You can find a lot of GSN schedules by searching the Google archives of the Usenet group.  Be warned, though, that many \"schedules\" are actually dream schedules that never really happened!

Dug up this one:

[quote name=\'combsisthebest\' date=\'Aug 24 2003, 02:25 AM\'] Dug up this one: [/quote]
 Good God, would I have liked to gave gotten GSN back then.....prolly woulda used 50 bucks worth of tapes to record the opening day special [and I'd have that rare Fantasy ep, the one Marshall show I've never seen]


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