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Author Topic: TPIR trip:  (Read 1651 times)


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TPIR trip:
« on: August 01, 2003, 08:26:22 AM »
Hi guys,

It has been about two and a half weeks now since I did something I'd wanted to do for quite some time now... see TPIR in person!

My friend and I made the 2500 mile trek down from the Toronto area to 7800 Beverly Boulevard and saw the 1.15 pm taping on Monday July 14th.  It was quite incredible, the experience, starting at 3.30 am to find a place in line (and already being number 50!)  Although my friend nor I got picked, we had a great time.

The show will screen on October the 9th, and although I won't reveal much about what happened during the day, I will mention that a certain popular cash game was played, much to my delight :)  And that Bob Barker answered a question I had during the break!

Also worth mentioning is the fact that I believe (and please correct me, Randy, if I'm wrong) that this was the start of Rod's first week back.  He was in fine form, I was very impressed.  One question that was asked during some down time was a simple \"How you doin', Rod?\" to which he responded \"Great\".  During his goodbye, he then signed \"I love you\" to the lady who had posed him the query, which was very nice of him.

If you'd like, take a gander at:

My TPIR story

I had a fun time with the experience, and with writing the story.  Do let me know what you think, if you want!

Thanks while I'm thinking of it to Tammy, Chris L and Matt among others (including some who posted onto the ol' ezboard) for answering my questions about the sights and sounds of Hollywood.  Chris and I had a great time (once we found that our hotel wasn't at H'Wood and Vine but Melrose and Vine, d'oh) and I hope to return again soon!


Ryan V.