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[quote name=\'clemon79\' date=\'Jun 16 2003, 08:50 AM\'] I'm thinking it might be good to find out where that setting is, so we can tell people how to turn it off. [/quote]
 Okay, I see how it works now. Pay attention, folks, if you don't know yet:

If you click the \"Quote\" box next to a post, you are replying to a post, but it will put the ENTIRETY of that message in the \"Original Post To Quote\" box, below. We should then edit that box down to only include the relevant part of the quote (just like proper USENet etiquette, right?), and it will tack on the Quote tag for the top.

And if you don't want to quote a given post, but add to the thread, the Add Reply button at the bottom of the thread is what you want.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled GSN ratings thread. :)

Matt Ottinger:
The online link for the USA TODAY story:

GS Warehouse:
Just like ezBoard, this one also allows you to preview your messages before they are actually posted.  Nothing like crash courses.

--- Quote ---We now return you to your regularly scheduled GSN ratings thread. :)
--- End quote ---

Going back to Matt's original post about \"out of 61\", that likely means the basic cable nets i.e. not including HBO, Showtime, and its spinoff channels.  There also may be a minimum amount of households a cable channel needs to reach that GSN just crossed since Rich Cronin moved in.

ObPremiumNetworks: HBO is probably already kicking the collective backsides of the broadcast nets so far this summer season, and the season premiere of Sex and the City is still six days away!

Chris Lemon wrote:

--- Quote ---
Okay, I see how it works now. Pay attention, folks, if you don't know yet:
--- End quote ---

detailed instructions deleted

Thank you for the instructions, since I looked through the \"Help\" section and couldn't find this anywhere.  I think I'll just stick to the cutting and pasting of text though.  :)

Getting back to GSN's ratings, I'd argue to whomever asked why FoF gets better ratings than WT is that the former appeals in some way to the segment of today's youth who want to see people shaft each other (which I guess is the target demo), while WT doesn't really seem to be targeted at any demo and has a rather plodding format.

I hate FoF too, and wish that it didn't get better ratings.  But as some here are wont to say, we're not the target demo.

[quote name=\'Matt Ottinger\' date=\'Jun 16 2003, 10:39 AM\']\"GSN has more than tripled its reach, to 51 million cable homes, since 1999, but it still ranks 46th out of 61 cable networks.\"  I'm not sure what \"out of 61\" means, since there are a lot more than 61 cable networks out there, but it would seem to me that 46th in the cable universe isn't really all that bad for a niche service that doesn't have the backing of a cable giant, is typically relegated to the digital tiers and is less than a decade old.[/quote]
We tend to forget that GSN has been half-owned by a cable giant for the last two years--Liberty Media.  Here's proof:

AOL Time Warner Inc.--owns 4%    
Corus Entertainment Inc.--18%        
Court TV (75.3 million homes)--50%        
Discovery Communications, Inc.--owns 50%
Discovery Channel (86.5M homes)  
The Learning Channel (84.7M)  
Animal Planet (81.3M)
Travel Channel (70.5M)  
Discovery Health Channel (42.5M)  
Discovery Digital (only aggregate figure given)    
    Discovery Times  
    Discovery Home & Leisure  
    Discovery Kids  
    The Science Channel  
    Discovery Wings  
    Discovery en Español  
International Discovery and Animal Planet Networks, Inc. Online 1995          
DMX MUSIC, Inc.--owns 56%        
E! Entertainment Television (80.3M homes)--owns 10%
style. (24.9M)          
Game Show Network (50.5M)--owns 50%
Hallmark Entertainment Investments Co.--owns 18%        
International Channel (12.4M)--owns 90%
Canales ñ (940K homes)          
Jupiter Programming Co., Ltd. (Japan)--owns 50%
(various Japanese cable channels)        
MacNeil/Lehrer Productions--owns 67% (that's right, the PBS \"NewsHour\" people)        
The News Corporation Limited (Fox)--owns 18%        
Pramer S.C.A. (Argentina)--owns 100%
(various cable channels)        
The Premium Movie Partnership (Australia)--owns 20% (Australian Showtime and Encore)        
QVC, Inc.--owns 42%
QVC  (75.8M homes)  
International QVC channels
iQVC Online        
Starz Encore Group LLC--owns 100%
Encore (21.3M homes)  
MOVIEplex (5.4)  
Thematic Multiplex (over 100 million *combined*)
    Love Stories
    True Stories
    WAM! America’s Kidz Network
STARZ! (13M homes)  
  STARZ! Theater    
  STARZ! Family    
  STARZ! Cinema    
Torneos y Competencias, S.A.--owns 54%
USA Interactive, Inc.--owns 20% (Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, CitySearch--the part of USA still controlled by Barry Diller)      
Viacom Inc.--owns less than 1%        
Vivendi Universal, S.A.--owns 3%

And that's not even getting into Liberty's cable, satellite and interactive holdings.  You also have to note that at one time Liberty owned major portions of Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox Family and BET.

Finally, it was Liberty that brought Rich Cronin into GSN to preside over what has essentially and unarguably been the most successful two years in GSN's history in almost every way, shape and form--a success the network would probably not have enjoyed under Sony ownership alone (and those of us who suffered \"Extreme Gong\" and \"Burt Luddin\" will not take that era back for anything).


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