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Matt Ottinger:
I wasa little surprised that there wasn't more discussion of the GSN article in USA TODAY on Thursday, since it had ratings info that we usually like to discuss.  Two highlights:

According to their own figures, GSN's average prime time viewership has increased steadily from 96,000 households in 1999 up to 233,000 households in 2003.  The article points out that top cable networks like Lifetime and TNT boast an average prime time viewership of 1.5 million households.

\"GSN has more than tripled its reach, to 51 million cable homes, since 1999, but it still ranks 46th out of 61 cable networks.\"  I'm not sure what \"out of 61\" means, since there are a lot more than 61 cable networks out there, but it would seem to me that 46th in the cable universe isn't really all that bad for a niche service that doesn't have the backing of a cable giant, is typically relegated to the digital tiers and is less than a decade old.


--- Quote ---doesn't have the backing of a cable giant
--- End quote ---
And that's interesting to consider. We keep bandying about the idea of a competitor opening up a rival network...what do you suppose the odds are of one of the media conglomerates making Sony an offer they can't refuse?

Matt Ottinger:
Hey, the quote box looks cool!

[quote name=\'Matt Ottinger\' date=\'Jun 16 2003, 08:49 AM\'] Hey, the quote box looks cool! [/quote]

Damn sight better than the one at the old homestead, anyhow. :)

Except I AM finding that it quotes the entirety of the previous message automatically. I'm thinking it might be good to find out where that setting is, so we can tell people how to turn it off, because I'm gonna snap if I start seeing entire long messages quoted for two-line replies. :)

can you link this article since i dont get USA today

but based on what you quoted it seems that we will see many more originals and less pickups of old shows, and if they do pick up old shows they will probs be along the lines of the modern shows (which isnt nesscarely a bad thing, wouldnt mind seeing street smarts again) and less an effort to bring scrabble or $ale into  the fold.

What I really wanna see are the figures for their originals/new pickups.

I find it hard to believe that FoF draws more than WT despite their scheduling suggesting just that, also id like to see how lingo and whammy are doing as opposed to Cram since while cram has it's merits (although that new dark set is a MISTAKE!) i would caution against going down that road too far since that demo is known to be flighty and have shows that boom and crash quickly. also id be intrested to see if they have plans to syndie some originals like they did with hollywood showdown (still second to RR in terms of best GSN original IMHO).  why? i wonder if GSN's profitability will come from being a test production house for new shows before they go syndie or if they will make it on their own, also if there will be any more docs like they did on larsen (the rise fall and rise of jack barry maybe?)


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