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Endgames with a life of their own!

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After some browsing, i began to wonder about endgames that have been adapted into shows of their own, I know of three that you can say were taken from successful endgames

the Super match format was turned into Family Feud

Chain Reaction's endgame became GO

The scrabble sprint became the clueword toss ups for the 1M chance of a lifetime

also the pricing game let em roll is adapted from the big showdown's endgame.

so my question is twofold, are there any other engames that were adpted into shows of their own and, are there any endgames (past or present) youd like to see made into shows of their own.

I don't think the Scrabble/$1M. CHance connection is too accurate as they don't come from the same packagers.

The format of HQ's Double Exposure(guessing celebrity faces partially exposed one square at a time) in the early 60s was re-used late in the 1974-76 run of High ROllers(for part of the first HR run, a contestant had to identify a famous face behind the numbers 1-9 to win the round and the prizes they exposed in knocking off numbers) and in 1981-82 for the first Battlestars end game.

The end game for Double Talk was borrowed from the Stewart $50K a Minute pilot in 1985

The Crossword Clues category on J! was borrowed from the style of questioning on Monopoly.

I'm sure there are others.

Matt Ottinger:
I think in the first place that you have to be careful when you use words like 'adapted from' for shows that don't have anything else in common.  In other words, your first two examples are valid (and fairly well known) because in each case the same producers took their idea and worked it into something else.  The second two are really just examples of a small element that two completely different shows happen to have in common.  There are tons of those.

Jimmy Owen:
Would you say the main game of "Say When" became the Showcase round of "TPIR"?


--- Quote from: Jimmy Owen on June 16, 2003, 01:39:33 PM ---Would you say the main game of "Say When" became the Showcase round of "TPIR"?

--- End quote ---
Not with a straight face. :)

Seriously, the 50's version of TPiR had Showcases, they were just all home viewer contests.

Matt's made the best point so need to be very careful claiming one show "evolved" from another one as opposed to similar concepts showing up by coincidence (are you going to claim that these Toss-Up Puzzles on WOF came from Headline Chasers? Please don't.), unless and until you have some hard empirical proof.


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