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Author Topic: "Nobody Likes A Smartass"  (Read 2387 times)


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"Nobody Likes A Smartass"
« on: July 29, 2003, 12:18:42 PM »
I reviewed the new British game show, \"Nobody Likes A Smartass\", in my LiveJournal last night. With respect, I don't feel like trying to crush the review down to 4,096 characters or fewer, so instead I shall just post a link to it here. A mini-summary is that \"it's a bit like Beat The Geeks\". If you're interested, you can find the review at this page of my LiveJournal - possibly best to try to get any reaction focused there, too.

In the cold hard light of day, I would only add that it's probably a 5/10 show rather than a 6/10 show - it's just a 6/10 show when they have a particularly funny team of smartasses, as on the premiere.

Best wishes,
(who hasn't felt like he has had much to post here recently - and, in fact, is only habitually checking in once in a while)