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Author Topic: The Great American Dream Derby  (Read 1217 times)

The Pyramids

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The Great American Dream Derby
« on: December 19, 2004, 06:51:06 PM »
I don't want this to distengrate to a bunch of loony posts about how GSN should be playing reruns of 'Hot Potato' in prime time.

It's not surprising that 'Blackjack' and poker have done well since such shows have boosted the fortunes of other cable nets.I liek what I have seen. I can also see the appeal of 'Dodgeball', and it was lucky to come along at a time where it is a national fad.

I do wonder though about 'Dream Derby.' First it was commisned last summer before two of the casino shows did well. This is a new contestant eliination show comming at a time where such shows are being eleimated on the broadcasts nets, and that movie 'Seabiscuit' was a year and half ago. Finally at first glance at the promos it does not seem to imply better demographics the way 'Dodgeball' or 'Dog Eat Dog' did.

If it fails it may just prove how more card shows are safer way to go, and there could be worse things.

After all, instead of just watching 'Ben Stein,' if the summer schudule had stuck my choices could have been the original 'Average joe' or new season of 'Vegas Weddings.'