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Author Topic: Real Nerdy Stuff  (Read 1308 times)


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Real Nerdy Stuff
« on: October 15, 2004, 01:47:04 PM »
Adlink has changed their network code for GSN from 14909 to 44382. So to access the Adlink schedules for future weeks, use this string.

Change the date to the Monday of the week you want to look at. Right now the schedules go to 11/29/2004. As always, Adlink schedules are subject to change, sometimes major.

Nothing really to report on changes to the current schedule except for the Dog marathon on Sunday, November 14. The Prof previously mentioned this with a frown. Maybe he's scandalized by the bikinis and blocked-out nudity, though he doesn't seem to mind the occasionally raunchy discussions on Blackjack. He called the second season debut "thrilling."

Well, the much-rerun Dog is getting trimmed back starting next week (10/18/2004). Now Tuesdays are all Blackjack and Thursdays are all Dodgeball. I assume that some of those slots will feature reruns of previous episodes. I can't imagine even GSN playing the same ep over three times, but we'll see. I like both shows, but who could sit through a threepeat of the same episode?

By the way, I might as well list the netid's for all the networks Adlink offers schedules for...

21760 A&E
12499 ABC Family
31556 AMC
16331 Animal Planet
24483 BET
31555 Bravo
18151 Cartoon Network
10139 CNBC
10142 CNN
10145 CNN Headline News
10150 Comedy Central
24569 Court TV
12500 Discovery Channel
17561 E!
10179 ESPN
15451 ESPN Classic
12444 ESPN2
33648 Food Network
16374 Fox News Channel
11054 Fox Sports Net
16743 Fox Sports Net 2
15377 Fox Sports World en Espanol
14753 FX
18350 Galavision
14899 Golf Channel
44382 GSN
34215 HGTV
21762 History Channel
10919 Lifetime
16300 MSNBC
10987 MTV
11007 Nickelodeon
15952 Outdoor Life Network
24533 Sci-Fi
16011 Speed Channel
19002 Spike TV
34240 TBS
19543 TLC
18510 TNT
11180 Travel Channel
16715 TV Guide Channel
26046 TV Land
11208 USA Network
16376 VH1
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