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Author Topic: $OTC and Scrabble  (Read 5601 times)

Ian Wallis

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$OTC and Scrabble
« Reply #15 on: July 18, 2003, 01:23:54 PM »
but a classic acquisition is there to stay (except for the G-T library, of course!).


Not necessarily.  Although the only classics ever to leave GSN was the GT library (in what some people refer to as \"The Dark Period\"), we don't know about the status of the other shows they've recently picked up.  It's quite conceivable that shows like \"Let's Make a Deal\" and \"Press Your Luck\" might only be on GSN a short time.  Maybe the contract was for a few years only - it's not as if they own it outright like they do for several other libraries.  So they could possibly acquire another classic only for a short run - like they've appeared to have done with the upcoming marathon of \"Twenty-One\".

The other stuff that GSN previously aired but doesn't anymore is still in their holdings, and possibly could return to the schedule at any point in the future.
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