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Author Topic: Brett's show - Part 2  (Read 5294 times)


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Brett's show - Part 2
« on: July 08, 2003, 01:44:41 AM »
I couldn't fit all of my review into one post, so here's the rest.













Some highlights from the show:

Most of the jobs Brett described herself working in when she first came to New York were followed by, \"I didn't last long in that job.\" Particularly amusing was her account of working in a drug store. \"A gentleman came in and said in a sheepish whisper, 'Do you have any prophylactics?' So I yelled across the store, 'HELEN, DO WE HAVE ANY PROPHYLACTICS?' Then I turned around and of course the customer was gone. And that was the end of my career in the pharmaceutical industry. But hey, what did I know, I thought he was talking about cold medicine! I mean, he was talking in a whisper like he had a sore throat!\" She also related a hilarous story about her days as a waitress, when a male customer put her hand on \"a part of his body my mother had always warned me about\" and then left a 25-cent tip.

Describing the lack of available men after her split from Jack Klugman: \"All the men I knew were either married to some young bimbo with big tits, or they were dead, or they were gay!\"

On her first venture into theater after the demise of Match Game: \"The best way to sum it up is what many people were saying: 'I came all the way here to see Brett Somers, but not in this crap!'\"

On why she told us very little about her children: \"They've given me a list of what I'm not allowed to say about them. I'm not allowed to mention genders, places of residence, occupations, sexual preferences, marital status or whether they're in jail or not!\"

(Continued in next post)