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Chuck Woolery Does QVC


GS Warehouse:
Last night's Naturally Stoned saw Chuck braving traffic, scheduling problems, and muffin-deprived sound men to get to QVC to sell Motolures.  (How did I know they'd mention his lure at some point?)  Note that while GSN couldn't mention [bulk-item store], er, Costco last week, they had no problem going behind the scenes at QVC.  Well, in today's entertainment news, LibertyMedia (GSN's co-owner) has just completed its acquisition of QVC from Comcast.  Coincidence?

ObQVC: Kim's pretty, but she's spoken for.  Sorry, guys.

Permission is usually tough to get from a store, especially when the crux of the shoot was to show that Costco didn't have the product Chuck wanted. Who would want that kind of exposure.

QVC, however, has the lures in stock...and the show was about the long pre-planned spot on the channel. QVC would have been silly to say no.

[quote name=\'GS Warehouse\' date=\'Jul 7 2003, 04:03 PM\'] Kim's pretty, but she's spoken for.  Sorry, guys. [/quote]
 That never matters to QVC Host Stalkers. Remember that one creep that showed up in West Chester once with flowers and a marriage proposal for Pat James Dementri?


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