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Author Topic: Talk about a dream schedule!  (Read 10827 times)


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Talk about a dream schedule!
« on: July 04, 2003, 11:48:38 AM »
From: Electric Youth Renegade (falknemj@cnsvax.uwec.edu)
Subject: My TGSC Schedule (LONG!)
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Newsgroups: alt.tv.game-shows
Date: 1994-04-09 09:49:59 PST

Well, using Robair's set-up here, I thought I'd go nuts on this too...

Now, I will say this off the bat:  I don't know if all these shows are owned by
people that will allow TGSC to air them, but what the hey...

In article <9404052235.memo.77201@BIX.com>, robairmackey@BIX.com writes:

> Weekdays!
>  6AM  What's My Line
>  630  To Tell the Truth
   For this hour, I was thinking perhaps a game show report of some ilk for at
least half of it.  I think that people have to somehow be caught up in the
stuff of today...  Though a 6:30 TTTT is certainly not out of the question, but
it should be an older one, not one from the run that NBC had several years

>  7AM  Body Language
>  730  Beat the Clock

  I'll go with BtC here, but probably try to add another \"stunt show\" to
this...  Why??  Because this'll be the time when a lot of kids will probably be
watching the channel on their way to school.  But we'll want to save the real
kids' stuff for the weekends...

>  8AM  Price is Right            An hour episode here of recent vintage.

  I wouldn't go that recent in this slot...  I'd probably, if I were to put a
TPiR here, go with something to the effective of early to mid 80's...  85 at
about the latest...  But for 8 in the morning, I think this is a good call...
>  9AM  Concentration
>  930  Classic Concentration

  I can see the argument, but I really think that if there are going to be any
new shows on the channel, I think this is one slot they should exploit.  9 AM
is a natural game show time, and I think that any new shows that would be put
into morning slots should go here...

  As for shows I'd like to see on this slot...  I think an old Concentration
would go well here, but also with something like Gambit or something to that

> 10AM  Joker's Wild              This is only natural. Four of the best
> 1030  Tic Tac Dough             examples of 1970's/1980's Q&A ...
> 11AM  Play the Percentages
> 1130  Bullseye

  And a myriad to choose from, even to just fill the two hours here, but you're
right...  this needs to be about the best that the late 70's and early 80's Q&A
can come up with for the fans of such shows, but not quite too heady.

  Definitely NOT the Pat Finn \"Joker's Wild\", which originally, IMHO, was a
bastardization of the old Joker, until they did at least try to merge the two
formats, which I kinda liked...  And NOT the 1990 TTD, which lacked the drama
that the old TTD had...  And if people get bored of contestant games, Bullseye
often had celebrity formats that would seem enjoyable...

  (watches the wheels swirl and that soft music as someone SLAMS the button!)

>  12N  All New Dating Game       A great place to put the love and marriage  
> 1230  New Newlywed Game         games: counterprogram soap operas.
>  1PM  Tattletales
>  130  Tattletales

  Probably one Tattletales here...  Although I'm not sure what I'd replace it

>  2PM  Password (Plus)           A little heritage. Password rose to glory
>       (or All-Stars)            at 2PM on CBS in the 1960's. This will
>                                 always be a Ludden episode.

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Talk about a dream schedule!
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2003, 01:41:28 PM »
Yep, people made up idiotic dream schedules even then....
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