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When did you first hear about GSN?

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Oh man, I remember seeing those ads during J!... but not WoF (not a big fan of it at the time).  But what really got me hyped was the mention of GSN during the FOX Game Show special.  I finally got it in 1999 (I think), when our house switched to Time Warner Digital Cable (but only in one room!), so I was a little disappointed when somebody else wanted to use that TV.

We switched over to DTV in 2001, when there was a rebate offer for Total Choice + HBO (7 channels) + Cinemax (3 channels) + Local Channels for only $40/month + receiver fees.  Today, we're still with DTV (somehow), and the package price has increased, but we're still on that rebate (somehow).  BTW, don't get that HBO/Cinemax DTV package, there's not much interesting on there (although they did air Quiz Show about a year ago).

'Nuff said.

Well, those of you wanting to get digital cable just to get GSN, save your $$$$. At this point in time, it is really not worth it!


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