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Millionaire to WABC

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[quote name=\'tommycharles\' date=\'Jul 8 2003, 11:51 AM\'] [quote name=\'inturnaround\' date=\'Jul 2 2003, 02:18 PM\']
They are actually owned by ABC. They were formerly WFIL-TV, the birthplace of American Bandstand [/quote]
Here's a question -- if a network bought all its stations, could we bid syndication goodbye, and get nationalized 24hr schedules, like most of England has? [/quote]
 Well, AFAIK, the networks are limited to how much of the nation's top stations they can own. However, the current feeling is that the FCC will do anything to please the broadcasters. That being said, it would cost way too much money for the mother network to buy all the affiliates, even if they wanted to.

I mean, there are many small market stations that don't make a lot of money. It really wouldn't be worth Disney or GE's time.

Hopefully WABC will treat the credits w/a little more respect than WCBS...for the past few mos, the latter's been completely clipping the audio and often reducing the credits to a fraction of their size during Dr. Phil and WWtBaM to get in a promo for their 4:30 news.

Chuck Donegan (The Illustrious \"Chuckie Baby\")


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