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Author Topic: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original  (Read 3737 times)


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Re: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original
« Reply #15 on: May 07, 2023, 10:43:08 PM »
Before Gsn

Family Feud Louie Anderson
Pyramid Donny Osmond version
Hollywood Squares Bergeron


Jamey Greek

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Re: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original
« Reply #16 on: May 07, 2023, 10:54:15 PM »
Having been born in 1986, I will say practically shows liked Feud, TPIR, Lange NTT, HS, High Rollers, TTD (Both Martindale and Wayne), TJW90, (all from USA reruns of course) as well as MG90, TTTT90, LMAD90, etc.

I had no idea someone else hosted J! until my dad told me when I was about 7-8 and he told me stories about him growing up watching it and how he played the J! Board game against his father and best him and his dad did not want to play anymore. 

When I was nine years old and living in Orlando, FL, I learned  Orlando Sentinel's TV magazine TV Time that Chuck Woolery hosted Wheel before Pat Sajak did when a question was answered about him.

That same year in 1996, at the age of ten I discovered via both The Complete Directory to Network Prime Time and Cable Shows that Bill Cullen originally hosted TPIR.  Months later, when I got GSN on my grandmother's Pirmestar I discovered that his version was totally different from Barker's.

I had no idea that $otc and Split Seconbd were reivvals until I read in EOTVGS.


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Re: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original
« Reply #17 on: May 08, 2023, 09:15:54 PM »
Fun topic. As one born in the early 80s, I’m pretty much with the consensus of 80s babies on this question—PYL, Trebek J!, Sajak WOF, $25K Pyramid, Classic Concentration, Lange NTT, Martindale TTD, Davidson Squares, etc. I actually don’t even remember watching TPIR until Rod Roddy took over as announcer. Even “The New” Newlywed Game didn’t clue me in, though my mom felt I was a little too young to watch that show.

A couple caveats… I do remember watching Dawson Feud, though I didn’t really remember anything about the game until Combs’ run. Also, I remember watching Perry Card Sharks reruns on CBN at the same time as Eubanks’ run on CBS, though I’m not sure I realized at the time that Perry’s version was older.

On the flip side, I’m not really sure which version of LMAD I saw first, as reruns of the show were pretty abundant in my area (I seem to recall a local station specifically playing Vegas-era reruns). I don’t believe MG ‘90 (or ‘97 for that matter) was played in my area, at least not at an easily viewable time, because the GSN 70s reruns was the first I remember ever seeing MG.

One kind of amusing story… A family friend had a Password home game, and I got a look at it one time at his house. I knew the home game was related to the game show but didn’t know the history of the franchise, as the only Password version I’d seen was Super. So I was trying to read the word cards like a SP puzzle. It wasn’t making a lick of sense to me. (Hey, I was like 7 years old at the time; cut me a break. :P)

Jimmy Owen

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Re: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original
« Reply #18 on: May 08, 2023, 10:52:11 PM »
I was born in 1960, so I had no memory of the original TTD orTreasure Hunt (Jan Murray version)
Let's Make a Deal was the first show to air on Buzzr. 6/1/15 8PM.


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Re: Watching the Revival BEFORE the Original
« Reply #19 on: May 09, 2023, 02:34:53 AM »
When The New Price Is Right and The New Treasure Hunt premiered, I didn’t know there were old ones. It struck me as odd, though, that Treasure Hunt didn’t stop being new but The Price Is Right did.