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Author Topic: "Break The Bank" [1976] Episode Guide (So Far)  (Read 2093 times)


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Re: "Break The Bank" [1976] Episode Guide (So Far)
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Week 1
Celebrities: Abe Vigoda, Alice Ghostley, JoAnn Pflug, Dick Gautier, Jan Murray, Lynda Carter, Liz Torres, Robert Heyges, and Marjoe Gortner.

3. 4/14/76: Barbara vs. Ralph
4. 4/15/76: Barbara vs. Ralph (again!)
Not surprising; remember, BtB was one of those shows where the champion went first, and if the champion won before the challenger could select a space on the board, the challenger stayed on for another game. Note that if the challenger's first selection was a blank, and the champion won on the next turn, the challenger did leave.

Correction: the challenger went first, and the champion could stay if the challenger won on their first turn.