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Stages/Theaters named after GS personalities

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Bob Zager:
Anybody know of any others besides these:

Alex Trebek Stage
Bob Barker Studio
Ralph Edwards Theater
Mark Goodson Theater (at the Paley Center for Media)

The Chuck Barris Stages, but I doubt those were official.

Jamey Greek:
Rich Fields back when be was a young man getting his start in the game show business did a pilot called TV Classics and which supposedly was taped at the Betty White Theater in Hollywood.  Any details on that?

Where is the Ralph Edwards studio?

Not a stage or studio, there is Ludden Lake in Wisconsin:

--- Quote ---Ludden Lake is a reservoir located just 1.3 miles from Mineral Point, in Iowa County, in the state of Wisconsin, United States.
--- End quote ---

Rob Lloyd says it is more like Ludden puddle.


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