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The hashtags provide much more information than the video.

Showoffs and Mindreaders, huh? Would be pleasantly surprised if Showoffs was from the series and not the pilot.
As for Mindreaders...well that's....certainly something  ;D

I had to look up Take Your Choice; it looks to be a 1954 G-T pilot starring Fred Allen, with his wife Portland Hoffa and Tex Antoine(!) announcing. Looks somewhat similar to You Bet Your Life. Might be worth watching just to see Allen sulking through having to host a game show.

As Blanquepage noted, it would be nice to see something different for either Showoffs or Mindreaders other than the episodes currently in circulation.

Ian Wallis:
Great stuff!

If Showoffs and Mindreaders are going into the Lost and Found block, I think it likely confirms what we've thought all along, that not much from either show exists.  Odd that GSN never showed either - considering all the rare shows from the Goodson-Todman library that they did show.

Also amped for "Showoffs" and "Mindreaders". "Make the Connection" should be fun too; I do recall enjoying the couple of eps. GSN ran long ago (as similar to its fellow G-T panel shows as it may be).

Kind of wondering why they have #Whew! in there, given that it'll be going full time in just under a week.


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