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Author Topic: 2021-2022 Covid-Friendly Time Slot Thread, for your dining and dancing pleasure.  (Read 3430 times)


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   WXIX adds a double run of 25WoL at 1 and 1:30 pm. FYSA is on at 2 am. No sign of Daytime J!

  As I announced earlier,  Leno YBYL is on WSTR for a double run at 5 and 5:30 pm (before FF)

  Everything else is the same (WOF and J! on WXIX 7-8 pm, LMAD and TPIR 10 am-noon on WKRC, the aforementioned FF double run on WSTR)


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Poking through some schedules and I've found something slightly alarming: No Boston-based outlet has picked up YBYL at all. New Hampshire's WMUR is airing it at 10:30 AM alongside the second 25WOL run, but wouldn't the lack of a clearance in a Top 10 market/Fox's largest non O&O market be a bit lazy?

Not to mention that Boston is Jay's hometown, IIRC.

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Anyone else disappointed that Funny You Should Ask is getting relegated to strange hours for the most part? I get that it's typical for Byron Allen's shows to not get the best timeslots, but I'd like for a station to try a FYSA/25 Words block.
An educated-guess-answer here is because of the way local commercials are sold. Commercial time slots are usually offered in convenient one-hour blocks to the ad agencies and clients, and the ratings are also reported this way. Since the majority of daytime programming is hour-long talk shows, it makes sense to run hour-long slots of the same game show for ad sales purposes.

There is more at play for the scheduling decisions than just local ad sales, but it is an important part of the discussion.

I never worked at a station that sold Wheel and J!, so I am not sure how ad time in those higher-profile programs are sold. One of the stations where I worked ran Millionaire at 12:30, adjacent to the noon news, so Millionaire was sold on its own there.
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Just checked my on screen guide.   Coming up tonight at 6pm on Fox 66.  You Bet Your Life.  "Groucho Marx hosts a question-and-answer game show. (Religion)." How I miss the real TV Guide.
Let's Make a Deal was the first show to air on Buzzr. 6/1/15 8PM.