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GSN starts a “Tug of Words”

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Ahmad Rashad will host- debuts in the fall…

Two teams playing a word game for a potential modest grand prize? Knock me over.

Feels like tug-of-war meets Chain Letters.

Chelsea Thrasher:
Whatever my feelings regarding the current generation of GSN originals (happy they occasionally keep friends employed, not particularly satisfied as a viewer), I'm honestly delighted to see Ahmad Rashad get another crack at hosting.  Caesar's Challenge was an underrated gem of a show (IMO), and he was a fairly big part of that.


--- Quote from: Chelsea Thrasher on July 27, 2021, 11:31:49 AM ---Caesar's Challenge was an underrated gem of a show (IMO), and he was a fairly big part of that.

--- End quote ---
As I've said numerous times, CC was either 5 years too early or too late. IMO, in 1988 it runs for a few years on NBC; in 1998 it gets a few seasons on basic cable. It was a fun game that deserved a longer run, and I'm surprised it didn't get revived at some point in the late-90s. And yes, Ahmad was just as great a host here as he was with NBC Sports and Inside the NBA.

As for GSN's originals, they're a little undercooked but digestible. It seems the producers want Youtube and promotional content as opposed to a solid format. I guess that's just the era we live in now. That said, America Says has grown on me a lot, and Chain Reaction actually has me yelling at the TV for reasons other than the contestants being clueless. :P


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