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--- Quote from: Bryce L. on July 07, 2021, 11:00:07 AM ---Also, assuming the numbers are right, we should get a couple weeks later this month where Bill Cullen fills in for Garry Moore as host.

--- End quote ---
Those shows started Tuesday morning (7/13) on Buzzr, with Nipsey Russell and Orson Bean joining Peggy and Kitty on the panel.

On Friday, 7/16, Gene Rayburn and Larry Blyden joined Peggy and Kitty, with Uncle Bill still filling in as host. Three guys on G-T's payroll at the time. I don't think they're ever show a TTTT episode with Larry Blyden on Buzzr before.

Buzzr is doing some skipping, skipping 1 episode from the Gene Wood week and 2 episodes from the following week with Bill Cullen as guest host.

Buzzr did air all the episodes from the Gene Rayburn/ Larry Blyden week, with Bill Cullen hosting.

It was interesting, in the fourth episode of the week, Larry had to excuse himself from playing in the first game because the contestant had previously appeared on his show, What's My Line. I wonder what happened there; was that an oversight on the part of the producers, or perhaps Larry was a last minute addition to the panel?


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