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Since I've worn glasses from the time I was 16, I've been curious as to what hosts wore glasses, and why. I'm going to note a few from what I remember, and please feel free to add/correct my information.

- Bill Cullen wore glasses virtually from the time we first saw him (although I think there are a few publicity stills from when he was very young without them).
- Groucho Marx wore his throughout the run of You Bet Your Life; it looks like he started wearing them years before.
- Allen Ludden also appears to have worn glasses his adult life, as he's shown wearing them in a still photo for Mind Your Manners.
- Peter Marshall started wearing glasses partway through the run of Hollywood Squares, maybe around 1970 or 1971 (although he has them on for a Kellogg's commercial before that series started). My guess is Marshall is farsighted, as you almost never see him wearing glasses during show intros; only during the gameplay.
- Tom Kennedy looks to have added glasses during the run of Split Second.
- Larry Blyden wore glasses for all his hosting duties; he seems to have not worn them or gone to contact lenses for some of his acting roles as needed.
- Jim Lange added glasses during the run of The Dating Game.
- Alex Trebek started wearing glasses around 1990 or so.
- Drew Carey got LASIK at some point but kept the glasses as a prop, but he now needs bifocals. (I hear ya, Drew.)

Any others?

Two quick ones:

Cedric the Entertainer wore glasses on Millionaire (not sure about It's Worth What).

Al Roker wore glasses during Celebrity Family Feud.

Robert Q. Lewis and Steve Allen immediately spring to mind.

Eric Paddon:
Jack Barry on "Break The Bank" only wore tinted glasses.

Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link.  Kennedy on Friend or Foe.  Gordon Elliott on TTTT.
Joe Garagiola on all the shows he hosted.


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