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Author Topic: "The Search for Canada's Game Shows" is back for Season Two - TONIGHT!  (Read 482 times)


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Hi everyone!

Happy to say officially that "The Search for Canada's Game Shows" is back for Season Two.  Over the next three nights we'll be airing five new episodes on GameTV here in Canada at 7 pm Eastern.

The air dates and episodes are as follows:
MONDAY MARCH 29TH (Tonight): 201 "The Evolution of Game Shows"/202 "The Focus on Food"
TUESDAY MARCH 30TH: 203 "Comedy in Game Shows"/204 "Prizes"
WEDNESDAY MARCH 31ST: 205 "The Future of Game Shows" (paired with a rerun of 102 from last year - "Hosts who Reached for the Top")

In addition I'll be personally hosting a post-game show discussion on the Canada's Game Shows Youtube page live at 8 pm Eastern time for about fifteen minutes each night to discuss the content of the episodes as well as some stuff that didn't make the edit as well as taking questions.  I'll be joined by a special guest each night as well.  I'm happy to say that fellow GSF member Adam Nedeff will be on my guest list tomorrow.  Would love if any of you would be able to join!

I also realize that unfortunately not many of the members here get Game TV (although if you do, please do watch the broadcasts because ratings = good).  As a result I can also share with you that the episodes are also available on the Game TV website (under the "Game TV originals" tab).

Ok that's it for now.  I really hope that you enjoy these episodes.  I personally worked on the production and it was a pleasure to be involved with.

Ryan :)


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Tremendous! The DVR's all set! :D


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I might not be able to catch them in first run but I was so intrigued by the first series that I will make it a point to watch this one as well.

And Ryan, if our paths cross this year, Iíll buy ya a drink or a burger or something.
Still crazy after all these years...but that's okay.

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Awesome news, Ryan. All the best with your post-show.



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Thanks everyone for your support! Last night's chat went really well.  We had a fun range of guests - one person even tuned in from Australia! I'm looking forward to chatting with Adam tonight and I don't want to spill the beans but it looks like an actual Canadian game show host will be my guest on Wednesday.

Ryan :)

EDITED TO ADD: Wednesday's night guest will be Tino Monte, the host of the Canadian version of Supermarket Sweep!
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