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aaron sica:
If not for reference books and the internet to debunk your claim, what would you still insist you remember?

I honestly thought that Match Game '7X made it into 1980 and could still imagine seeing the "Match Game 80" sign in my mind, but I know it never happened.

One of my earliest memories of watching game shows as a kid was "Hit Man", probably cause of the video game aspect. I also was sure that it was hosted by Chuck Woolery until the early 90's and EOTVGS.

I could've sworn I remembered the set to Password Plus on my grandmother's TV set in her apartment as a young child.

I was born in 1983.  So no.

Until I saw TPIR reruns on GSN during the Dark Period, I always thought the Give or Keep board was set at center stage instead of to the left of the turntable.

Because Vanna used to wait until the letters lit up before turning them, I thought that the actual letter didn't appear until the box was lit, even if she arrived at the correct position early.


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