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Betty White's Pet Set on DVD


Betty's series from almost 50 years was released on DVD today.  My copy arrived about a half an hour ago.  Game show-relevant guests include Bob Barker, Peter Marshall, and Merv Griffin.

There is a DVD dedicated just to extras.  Included is an hour and a half extra titled Betty White: Game Show Goddess.  There is little information about her career.  It is 97% game show goodies--Allen Ludden and Betty's appearance as WML Mystery Guests in 1965, Betty on TPiR in February 1964, a Make the Connection episode hosted by Jim McKay from 1955, and, if you missed the crowdsourcing event from last summer, the 1975 episode of Password hosted by Betty.  The other 3% is under 2 minutes talking about Betty's game show legacy.  (Before anybody asks, the quality of the Password episode is the same as the version we got from the crowdsourcing.)

Is the Cullen Price episode the full show or just clips?


--- Quote from: snowpeck on February 23, 2021, 06:56:25 PM ---Is the Cullen Price episode the full show or just clips?

--- End quote ---
Full show.  The WML is just the Mystery Guest segment, the other three titles are complete episodes.

Bryce L.:
Just received my copy today. And if I didn't know better, I'd swear someone sat on the package during shipping, since the case/packaging is broken in so many places that I'm getting ready to find some spare jewel cases for the discs. Totally unacceptable handling by USPS.


I can't put it on my Amazon wish list enough times.


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