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Deschanel and Bolton to Host “Celebrity Dating Game”

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Variety reports that Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton will team to host the new Celebrity Dating Game. They also report a new wrinkle: “Offering a spin on the classic dating show, the celebrity guests will remain a mystery as one lucky suitor is chosen from a hidden panel of three bachelors and/or bachelorettes based on their answers to the celebrity’s questions. Suitors will have the opportunity to guess the secret identity based on clues, questions and special parody performances by host Michael Bolton.”

I'd be offended if Dating Game actually was a deep show to begin with, I guess.

Civilian contestants will be selected based on their acting ability, as they're going to have to convincingly sell a reaction indicating that even though they guessed the mystery celebrity was an A-list star, they most certainly recognize and are excited to go on a date with the fifth-billed actor from a sitcom they've never seen.

Surprised FOX didn't pick this one up. They seem to love shows featuring incognito celebrities.

Gotta be honest.....I'm not a fan of the Dating Game - yet I think this is absolutely a great idea to refresh a tired format.  And having met (and eaten Xmas dinner with....don't ask.) Michael Bolton - I think he'll be great. And i absolutely LOVE Zooey.

This will be an endearing success...and much lighter than "The Bachelor" , which needs a break, esp given the latest headlines.


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