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I figured since they'll be quite a few guest hosts before the pernament one is named, one thread for all the news about them would make things easier.

After Ken Jennings, Katie Couric will host for a week:

Ian Wallis:
Any comments on Ken's first hosting day?

I thought he did a pretty good job.  I've read other comments that people felt he may have been rushing a bit.  It didn't really detract from the game or anything.

I thought Ken was pretty good, considering the weight on his shoulders of it being his first day. He read the clues clearly and succinctly and added a tiny bit of personality to carry the show through. He doesn't have the presence of a host yet, but we'll see if that develops.

He looked relaxed enough, despite the weight of the first day. He kept the lectern warm.

I was very impressed. He was pretty animated, but I had to remember Alex was the same way the first season. I could see him taking the reins.

/Just gotta watch what he tweets


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