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Author Topic: A New Game Show Website I Created for Fun  (Read 303 times)


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A New Game Show Website I Created for Fun
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:22:12 PM »
Hey everyone,

This may be weird, but Iím a big fan of MeTV, but also game shows. I imagine many of you are too. (Iím also a fan of Buzzfeed quizzes). One thing I love about MeTV is that they send a newsletter, linking to various quizzes (trivia and personality), listicles, and articles. (Essentially, theyíve created a BuzzFeed-like community and experience for classic television. Itís a great way to connect enthusiasts who are younger AND older). They also sell merch! Buzzr has started to do this, but not nearly as well as MeTV.

Iíve decided to try to create a similar experience for game shows. Iím calling it ZonkSpinBlank. Iíve created a few examples of quizzes, listicles, and merch (not yet actually available). Itís in like a before-Beta phase (Iím working on a logo and visual identity and all that jazz) lol Iím quite nervous to even share this, because this is something Iím doing purely for fun, out of my own passion. As a result, Iíve invested my own money into creating the website and all that (from the hosting to the artwork on the merch); this is obviously a money-losing venture for me since I wonít be using ads (as it should be, since this is just a passion project). Iíd love your ideas on how this seems to you. Also, if you want to contribute, Iíd love your contributions. (Please donít be too harsh on me, though constructive feedback is obviously welcome. Iím really just doing this for fun.)

Thanks so much for listening to my ramble. (Also, if this belongs in a different forum or qualifies as ďadvertising,Ē please move or close it. I wasnít sure. Thanks!)

Take care!
Patrick (check out ZonkSpinBlank)