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J! production resumes 11/30 with rotating guest hosts

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The show's Facebook page says production resumes on November 30, with rotating interim guest hosts. First guest host: Ken Jennings.

I sort of figured they’d go this way- have the rest of this season be on-air tryouts with guest hosts going a couple of weeks apiece, then announce a permanent new host starting September 2021...

Also, per Variety, Trebek's final episode will now air on Jan. 8. The weeks of Dec. 21 and Dec. 28 will be encores of what the show calls "Alex Trebek's 10 best episodes" to honor him.


Also worth noting, per the shows Twitter feed, that Alex‘s last week has been delayed until the week of January 4, with “best of” episodes scheduled for the weeks of December 21 and 28.

Here's the full press release:


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