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It's always been fun watching game show emcees turn the tables and become the contestants either on their shows or on other game shows.

I don't think we've ever discussed what everybody's favorite and least favorite game show host episode(s) on the different game shows have been over the years.

Was it a single episode (Crosswits), a Tournament (Card Sharks) or just a theme week (Hollywood Squares).  Discuss or rank 'em if you wish.

My favorite was the FF "Heavenly Hosts"/"Magnificent MCs" week.  The CS tournament ran too long for my liking.


--- Quote from: ET206 on November 28, 2020, 10:16:45 PM ---My favorite was the FF "Heavenly Hosts"/"Magnificent MCs" week.  The CS tournament ran too long for my liking.

--- End quote ---
I liked it because we got to spend more time with the hosts than just one match and so long. Plus they'd all be in California anyway. Maybe double elimination and the two survivors play a best-of-three for the grand prize. Super Password had no problem with a Tournament of Champions running over their one-week prediction.

/sad thought--the only survivor of the tournament is now Wink Martindale, outlasting Tom Kennedy.

To this day, I have only seen bits and pieces of H2's Game Show Week, but from what I've seen that potentially could be a favorite of mine.

Scrabble's game show host week was a favorite of mine, with Chuck Woolery sharing hosting duties with many of the others.

The Crosswits episode with Kennedy/Peck/Goen/Tomarken (was there more than one???) was a trainwreck with the "players" destroying David Sparks.

I would have loved to see some of the game show host weeks of the early-mid 70s that NBC did to cross-promote their daytime shows.  The 2nd Edition EOTVGS has a photo of Art Fleming, Joe Garagiola and Bob Clayton all playing The Who What Where Game, for example.

The "April Fools" episode of Lingo which had what may have been the full roster of GSN hosts at the time was a lot of fun.


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