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Stations which haven't shown syndicated games in years

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jjman's post in the 2020-21 thread got me thinking about which stations haven't aired syndicated games in ages.  One which comes to mind immediately is WJW here in Cleveland.  The last traditional syndicated game show they aired was You Bet Your Life in 1992-3, when they were a CBS affiliate.  (Remember the big affiliate changes of the mid-90s.)  I use the word "traditional", because the last quasi-game WJW aired was Kwik Witz in the late 90s.  Speculation on why they don't air games, besides 13 hours of local news/weekday nowadays:  They aired 4 of the 5 new syndie games in 1990-1, all but Trump Card.  Also, YBYL with The Cos was to be big, airing versus J!, and flopping hard.

Surely there isn't a channel which hasn't aired a syndicated game in over 20 years...right?

This is an interesting topic starter for sure.

All the stations in the Harrisburg/Lancaster, PA market have aired at least one syndicated game show in the past 20 years. Off the top of my head, I know that Millionaire ran on all the major stations in the market for at least one season.

We also get stations from the Philadelphia market here. I might be wrong, but I think that WCAU might qualify. I don't know that they have run a syndicated game show since the year 2000. WPVI has WoF/J!, and KYW has run Family Feud on occasion.

My station, WWTV/WWUP in Cadillac MI.  I've worked there for 24+ years and in that time we've never aired a game show in syndication.  Off-net reruns (I still know every single episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" by heart), judge shows, "Martha Stewart Living" for a while, "Ellen", paid programs, and as a CBS affiliate we've had network stuff (TPiR, LMaD, Power of Ten, Winning Lines, etc), but I don't recall any syndicated games.

We did have the '94 TNPiR for its season (that promotional toy pinball machine that floats around on eBay every so often used to be in our lunchroom), but that's the last one.

I'm pretty certain Milwaukee's NBC affiliate's last syndicated game show was Let's Ask America (does that really count if it stayed in-house to Scripps and what was formerly Journal Communications?). I'm not 100%, but I think it was the only offering they've had since the big contract shuffle for Wheel and Jeopardy.

I'm less certain that the ABC affiliate's last syndie affair was H2 in an overnight slot, sadly. (And yet, look at all these game shows they have in primetime that are doing fairly well!...)

Also, prior to the recent forced airings of Millionaire (and I think they also did the test run of 25WOL), I don't recall what the FOX affiliate's last syndie offering was at all. EDIT: They did air Monopoly Millionaires Club, so that'll do it.

And thanks to Gannett, I can't easily go back to old TV schedules on the Google News archive, either. :(

I think the longest drought here is WAVY...the last show I can remember them airing is “Merv Griffin’s Crosswords” in 2008. That’s not much of a surprise; not counting a Bob Eubanks dating show called “Infatuation”, I believe the last syndicated game they aired prior to that was Davidson’s “Squares”.


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