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Jay Leno- GS Host? "You Bet Your Life..."

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coming in fall 2021...

Mike Tennant:
Will Leno make our next successional game show host poll, or will he follow in the footsteps of Buddy Hackett and Bill Cosby (or even Richard Dawson)?

Tom Werner, who's co-executive-producing Leno's version, must have a thing for YBYL (or perhaps owns the rights to it). He also served as co-executive producer for the Dawson pilot and the Cosby series.

Both David Letterman and Conan O'Brien expressed interest in the job, but Jay beat them to the punch. :P

/I keed

The Ol' Guy:
The hard part of someone replacing Groucho is that he spent a career developing a personality that included abrasiveness towards others in his humor. The audience loved it when someone could put something over on Groucho, and he also knew how to turn the tables on himself for a laugh. Groucho was as much a created character as he was a person. People known as nice guys might find it a bit harder to put that abrasiveness into their style. The title creates expectations from those who remember Groucho's version. The original was more than quips - there were the occasional adversarial guests who tried to top the master. The biggest hurdle for the show will be comparisons. The fewer people who remember the original, the better Jay's chances. I wish him well.

My counter to that is that the most recent version went off the air 27 years ago, so there’s at least one generation that barely remembers or has never heard of YBYL. It would be a way to introduce the 18-49 demographic to a classic, and maybe even Leno himself. The youngest side of that demo was only in middle school when Jay retired for good from late night TV.

Bonus points if one of the rerun channels picks up Groucho’s version. This would be great on MeTV.


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