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"Common Knowledge" getting summer syndie test run


The Joey Fatone-hosted GSN quizzer will air for four weeks on Fox O&Os next month.


I don't get the appeal in this show at all. Maybe it's just the material, but I don't find random everyday facts as engaging as trivia.

Common Knowledge is such a bland show.

Catch 21 would of been a better show.


--- Quote from: Stackertosh on July 28, 2020, 09:22:01 AM ---Catch 21 would of been a better show.

--- End quote ---

Heck, literally any other show they have would have been a better choice. Of all the shows they could pick, they go with their blandest, most generic snoozefest?

Jeremy Nelson:
Whatever your feelings on this show may be, someone thought of it highly enough to give it a shot in syndication. Itís not my cup of tea, but itís also on brand with GSNís other originals.


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