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Which game show had the best pilot?

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We may have to adjust the qualifications as to what made a great pilot for the show, but for now I will provide the following conditions: It felt like the closest to an episode of the series, did the best at explaining almost all aspects of the game, and the game on the pilot itself was pretty exciting.   

If you want you can pick the best pilot for a series that went to air and a pilot for a show that didn't get picked up.

I always seem to go back to the pilot for Press Your Luck.  With the only changes to the game being four questions per round rather than five, that was an exciting game and almost every normal possibility for a game was there.

Let's get the debate started.

The second Trebek pilot for Jeopardy! Only difference is they modified the dollar values when it went to series.

My favorite that didnít get picked up is King of the Hill. Great set and I loved that the categories werenít the Barry-Enright type but types of questions. The end game went far better with Card Sharks. Maybe the battle with the King could have played more like an end game.

Jeremy Nelson:
Really don't know if I have a favorite that went to series, as most feel like they're in that final stage where you're just working out minor kinks. But one of my favorite unsold pilots was Decisions Decisions. Sans wood paneling galore, I think the front game only needed a few small changes in order to make it interesting.

Wheel of Fortune's pilots were pretty close to what aired apart from that whole Edd Byrnes thing. Details, details.


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