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Author Topic: Barker TPIR coming to Pluto TV 12/1/20 (Confirmed)  (Read 65148 times)

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Re: Barker TPIR coming to Pluto TV 12/1/20 (Confirmed)
« Reply #300 on: May 22, 2022, 06:31:18 PM »
While growing up and watching lots of 80s daytime shows, I remember my Mom did not like Barker at all. She didn't mind the other game shows (except that PYL was too loud!) - but she just didn't like Barker. Watching these episodes from this era, I can see why.

Must have been an interesting dynamic between Barker and the rest of them during this time. Given the ratings, Barker probably felt like he could get away with it. Can't think of any other hosts of the era that were as overt with comments like this.
Most hosts were like this. Gene "Pretty Dimples" Rayburn, Richard "The Kissing Bandit" Dawson, Allen "Hi Doll" Ludden......
How many people did Allen Ludden say "Hi Doll" to, aside from his mother-in-law?
To people who did not know the background, the daytime audience.
Good lord...
It does sound crazy, but it was a violation of FCC rules of the time to do shout-outs to individuals.  If something was being broadcast, it had to be to the total audience.
You've been watching too much Match Game.