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Question taken from another FB Group:

What did game shows teach you when you were a young'un?

For me was that if you won, say, $2500, you could say Two Thousand Five Hundred OR just Twenty-five hundred.


Pyramid helped up my vocabulary. Thanks to that show, I know what a quota and vichyssoise are.

Mr. Matté:
I think from all the Showcase Showdowns I've watched as a youngin', it helped drill into my head that when you have #5 + #5, the tens digit is #+#+1.

Supermarket Sweep helped me understand where things are located in a grocery store.

The word "abeyance," when Dennis James would use it on nighttime TPIR before checking the other prices in the game, although I had no idea that's how it was spelled or how a "bayance" would hold a price tag. :)


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