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Which game show had the worst music?

The syrupy string music used on the Cullen version of TPIR was horribly dated, but it's up there. They used stock recordings on that show, as opposed to music which was custom composed and recorded for a specific show.

Adam Nedeff:
The theme to Strike It Rich sounded like Hal Hidey forgot about it until due date and then drew up the sheet music while hiding in a men's room stall on his lunch break.

Runner-up: the music package for Sale of the Century I thought was pretty underwhelming aside from the main theme. TVPMM offered a package of music as a goody for subscribers a few years ago. I listened to the prize cues once, shrugged and thought "I have no desire to listen to any of that again" and just deleted the whole thing when I was done.

TJW '90. It was the same 10 seconds looped ad infinitum.

On All New Strike It Rich it sounds like Hal Hidey had a music budget of 59 cents, just enough to cover the cost of electricity to power his synthesizer. The rest of the show is awful.

I was watching All New LMAD. They had a small combo including horns but the music just sounded cheesy.

Back in the day, they might have had Paul Taubman, Milton Kaye, Dick Hyman, Sid Wayne, Arlo or Dave Bacal banging away live on an organ that might have been used on some radio soap opera, and maybe some percussion. It didn't sound bad given the music budget they probably had.

Crosswits '86 has always been a non-favorite of mine. TTD '90 was quite an underwhelming theme as well, especially considering that Henry Mancini composed it.


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