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Game Show Central coming to Pluto TV April 21

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First off, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. 

The article linked below mentions a new Pluto TV channel coming April 21 called "Game Show Central."  There are no details in the article, and the only other information I could find was on Facebook was on a page called "Game Show Entertainment," which reports, "So it looks like GSN's classics network Game Show Central will be coming to Pluto TV on April 21st."

Does anyone have more information, or even better, a schedule?  If it's from GSN, does this mean a return for Tic Tac Dough, The Joker's Wild, classic Newlywed Game, etc?

Just older GSN originals at this point.

Boy I hope both seasons of Whammy! comes up on Pluto's new game show channel. There's at least one trader who already has the entire series, but I'm sure the original end credits for Whammy! and Seasons 2-3 of Lingo will be restored like Buzzr and UPtv did for Richard Karn-era Feud.

Still nothing as of 12:20pm ET.  Has it been pushed back?


--- Quote from: catnap1972 on April 21, 2020, 12:20:45 PM ---Still nothing as of 12:20pm ET.  Has it been pushed back?

--- End quote ---
It may be coming late in the day. From what I've seen, it seems that they're apt to add channels at almost any hour.


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